Jim Carey House

Jim Carey born on January 17th 1962, to Kathleen and Percy and the youngest of 4 children, he grew up in a house filled with laughter and fun. His parents often suffered from ill health and the young Jim would clown around to bring smiles to their faces and to stand out from his siblings, Rita, Pat and John. A skill he was to take to school in return for his good behaviour.

Jim purchased a big house in Brentwood neighborhood as the accused OJ Simpson, but no value is listed.

Brentwood is a district in western Los Angeles, California, United States. The district is located at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, bounded by the San Diego Freeway on the east, Wilshire Boulevard on the south, the Santa Monica city limits on the southwest, the border of Topanga State Park on the west and Mulholland Drive along the ridgeline of the mountains on the north.

He has an almost surprisingly well-laid out home. The big tree at the front of the yard, the location of the pool, and the little house in front of the tennis court all create a really beautiful space.

Only limited photo's of the house are shown.

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