Nicolas Cage House

The son of comparative literature professor August Coppola (a brother of director Francis Ford Coppola) and dancer/choreographer Joy Vogelsang, Cage changed his name early in his career to make his own reputation, succeeding brilliantly with a host of classic, quirky roles by the late 1980s.

Initially studying theatre at Beverly Hills High (though he dropped out at 17), he secured a bit part in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) most of which was cut, dashing his hopes and leading to a job selling popcorn at the Fairfax Theater, thinking that would be the only route to a movie career. But a job reading lines with auditionees for uncle Francis' Rumble Fish (1983) landed him a role in that film, followed by the punk-rocker in Valley Girl (1983), which was released first and truly launched his career.

Who has a variety of properties scattered all around the world, picked up this home in 2006 for $8.5 million.

While the rough economy affects everyone, it’s not often that we hear about celebrities losing their home to foreclosure. A year ago, the bank foreclosed on the house, and it was reportedly snapped up the first day it was on the market, for close to the asking price of $4.95 million.

The Wall Street Journal reports that at that time he also picked up a home for $2.25 million on the same street but sold it 4 years ago for $2.3 million. Cage is looking to make a little more cash on this one, he's listed it for $9.45 million. The WSJ says that the 14,000-square-foot home with the 16-car garage has been on the market since last fall.

According to the listing which refers to the property as "Nicolas Cage's Ultimate Vegas Estate" the two-story house (with basement) has seven-bedroom  tennis court, theatre room, guest quarters, a generator (of all things), and some damn fine Vegas strip views. Oh, and it’s two story so it has an elevator as well.

The house isn't particularly notable. It's blandly extravagant with a sweeping staircase, home theater, elevator and panoramic views of Las Vegas. The home has a pool and spa and is located in a gated community for privacy. It's rich but it's nothing special and given the soft las Vegas real estate market he may have some trouble getting rid of this one.

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